Farrah Piazza


Farrah is certified as CrossFit Level 1 Coach.  Farrah graduated from Louisiana State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management. She began teaching in 2011 and is currently a Middle School Inclusion Teacher in Ascension Parish. She has coached various sports at the middle school level. Farrah began CrossFit in February of 2015. She had previously been a part of the CrossFit community through friends and family. She has traveled to various states to support athletes in competitions and has also traveled to the CrossFit Games in 2015 and 2016. She enjoys working with all athletes but has a true passion for coaching younger athletes. As a teacher and a mother, she strives to set a healthy example for our younger generation.

A message from Farrah:

I have always considered myself to be “in shape.” I have always loved outdoor activities and have managed to maintain a fairly healthy diet. CrossFit has taught me that being “in shape” is more than a look and a few healthy meals. I can remember my first experience, which was a fit camp class that CrossFit Virtus was offering. We performed a ten minute workout. It was nothing more than Burpees, Kettlebell Swings and Lunges. I can remember feeling every possible emotion within those 10 minutes. So many thoughts ran through my head. I couldn’t believe how unfit I was. When I left the gym, I had to pull over until I could pull myself together. Two days later I could not wait to go back. I had never experienced something so difficult, yet so rewarding. I felt like if I could go in and complete whatever the workout may be, I could tackle any other task I would be faced with in a day. That feeling has never gone away. Each day I look forward to pushing myself beyond what I think I am both physically and mentally capable of. CrossFit has given my confidence to continuously challenge myself at work and in life. I am thankful for the strength, experiences and relationships CrossFit Virtus has brought into my life.