Kiel Wilson


Kiel started CrossFit in March of 2015 and became a Level 1 trainer in December of 2017. Although he had been around the sport for many years through his wife and fellow coach, Jessica, it wasn’t until the birth of his first child that he realized he needed to embrace the path of living a healthier lifestyle in order to continue being able to keep up with her as she got older. That realization became even more evident after his second child was born.

Kiel grew up in Oregon and being outdoors had a large part in shaping his life and interests whether it was hunting, fishing or backpacking. He graduated high school in 2002 and after three years of conventional college he decided to take the path less traveled and in 2005 he enrolled at the Diver’s Institute of Technology in Seattle, WA. Graduating in 2006, he moved to Louisiana to work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as a Commercial Diver (what most people would call and “underwater welder”) until 2014 where he then took a job doing service work for drilling and fracking sites in the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota. In 2018, Kiel became a Licensed Home Inspector in the State of Louisiana. Kiel has been married to Jessica Wilson since 2008 and they have two daughters, Savannah and Madelyn. They have lived in Prairieville since 2007 with their 12 year old Bullmastiff, Gus.

A message from Kiel:

As the saying goes, “If it were easy, everyone could do it.” I guess you could say that makes
CrossFit easy then, because it really is something that everyone can do. That being said, easy doesn’t mean that you’ll reach your goals without putting in hard work. Regardless of your current age or fitness level, showing up and giving the most you can during that hour of class time will begin to yield those positive results. Therein lies the beauty that the CrossFit model has accomplished on a global scale. 

I love coaching because I’m able to give a queue or piece of advice that helps someone else
reach their goal. I’m able to see those looks of frustration from the amount of time and practice put in turn into a sense of accomplishment and pride when an athlete is finally able to perform what they set out to do and then begin perfecting it; That is what makes it all worthwhile. Remember, we don’t HAVE to do any of this, we GET to! It’s been an absolute honor being asked to join this amazing staff, but the real blessing comes from within this community that we have built around ourselves through the Virtus name.

For me, the difference within Crossfit lies within that word; Community. When you walk through those doors, you can feel that everybody else in that room wants to be there. You can see it, time and time again, as bodies are sprawled out across the floor, soaked in sweat, breathing so hard they can’t talk but still managing to give out high fives and fist bumps to the one’s laid out around them. Though CrossFit, we continually push each other to perform at our best, assisting wherever we can to fulfill your goal towards of a “Life of Fitness”, regardless of where you may be in that journey. Together, we will continue to make that hard work pay off.