Matt Hicks


Matt is a Crossfit Certified Level I Trainer, and a dedicated Crossfitter.  Matt has attended the Whole 9 Nutrition Seminar and follows a strict Zone Diet prescription.  He is the lead on all CrossFit Virtus nutrition information.  He has been a fitness “junkie” his entire life, training in weightlifting, running, and everything in between. He began Crossfit in 2010 and knew right away that he found something special. Matt graduated from LSU in 2003 with a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management. He is recognized as a Certified Professional Constructor by the American Institute of Constructors, and is First-Aid and CPR certified. Matt is a believer in the Crossfit program and feels privileged to spread its teachings.

A message from Matt:

What excites me about Crossfit is the potential for personal growth. I have always believed in bettering yourself. To me, Crossfit is an outlet to unleash your inner potential. Our journey in life should be one of prosperity and fulfillment. There is extraordinary value in practicing a new skill, learning a new subject, or attaining a new perspective. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Strive to constantly improve yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Simply put, I believe the following to be at the heart of Crossfit’s purpose: “To get better at life”.