Mitchell Wedebrand


Mitchell is a CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer and has a deep passion for fitness but an even deeper love for the sport of CrossFit. Mitchell has been involved with physical training most of his life whether in sports or inside “traditional” gyms but developed a love for CrossFit while serving active duty in the United States Navy.

Mitchell joined the Navy in 2008 with the intent on becoming more than just a shipboard sailor. After a change in career paths, Mitchell found himself serving as a Corpsman with Marine Corps Reconnaissance. Shortly after checking into his command, Mitchell was asked to become the Command Fitness Leader, guiding over 250 service members towards their fitness goals and assisting them in achieving better Physical Readiness Test scores. Mitchell turned to functional fitness designed workouts to help with this task which led to him discovering CrossFit. Also during his service as a Corpsman, Mitchell received extensive training in first aid, emergency medicine and served his command as an American Heart Association Certified BLS instructor.

After his service, Mitchell went back overseas as a private security contractor while simultaneously working on his bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Liberty University, which he received in 2015. Mitchell Is currently working on his master’s in business while also running his own business–Cajun Ammo, serving everyone he can reach with their second amendment needs. He also loves serving in his church (Cedar House) and is the father of a handsome boy, Alec (8 months) as well as a husband to his beautiful wife Briana.

Message From Mitchell:

CrossFit has been the most amazing outlet for me after my discharge from active service. It has given me something to pursue more than just frivolous rat-race goals and has offered the closest thing to camaraderie that I had in my military service. It is an honor for me to coach at Virtus and I aspire to not allow members settle for mediocrity. I have a passion for seeing people better themselves mentally and physically through fitness. Whether it is pushing you through your last few reps or critiquing your form to improve efficiency in your movements, you can count on me to see you through it. Never be afraid or intimidated to ask me for extra help. It is a privilege for me to spend extra time helping you improve. Lastly, the members and staff at Virtus make this place more than just another CrossFit box. Virtus truly is a special place where you can go to improve yourself while having an amazing time each and every day.