Todd Sanford


Todd received his CrossFit Level 1 certification after finding the sport and training in it for over a year.  To say the least, finding CrossFit has been a life changing, “game changer” moment for him.  Prior to being introduced to CrossFit Todd stayed active in a traditional gym setting as well as intermittent periods of running and biking along the years.  Upon being introduced to CrossFit, Todd quickly realized the true meaning of being “fit” for him.  For Todd, being fit was no longer going to the gym 3-4 days/wk performing a few strict movements and partaking in an occasional run or bike ride.  In addition to the strength component, the only component he focused on, areas like flexibility, balance, agility, endurance and mental toughness were being addressed and challenged in the form of  “constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity” workouts = CROSSFIT.  This fitness journey for him has resulted in a more fit, “better” Todd than ever at the age of 40 with so much more work to be done.  On top of all the great things CrossFit delivers from a fitness perspective Todd feels at the top of the list is the community it offers and can’t liken it to any other sporting or any other community for that matter.  “This is a special thing we have going on here, I frequently drop in local and out the area boxes and this great community is in every single one of them.”

Todd has been in the parish for 16 years growing up in Baton Rouge the majority of his life.  He and his wife(Stacie) moved to Prairieville after graduating college and knew very early on this is where they would raise their family and hang their hat.  They have 2 children Hunter(18) and Abbey(14) and could not be happier with their decision to move to the parish.  Todd has introduced CrossFit to both of his children with his son utilizing the sport during his high school athletic career to compliment other training.  Todd attributes a lot of his success professionally to the CrossFit mentality and approach owning/operating a local Allstate insurance agency as well as a contract therapy company offering Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services.  “Expect the unexpected”, “Adapt”, “Mental toughness”, “Grind”, and “Perseverance” are just some of the terms that come to mind that he feels translates well from CrossFit to running a business. 

A message from Todd:

Coaching allows me to introduce and be a part of people’s life changing fitness journey with CrossFit.  The most rewarding part of coaching for me is witnessing athletes push through those physical and mental barriers and come out so much better on the other side.  To make difference or just to be a part of this process in their lives is so fulfilling and a really awesome feeling.  I am a huge advocate of CrossFit in and out of the gym and love to get others started on their own journey.