$30 per month


The Competitor program is a traditional CrossFit style program including aerobic capacity, weightlifting, and gymnastics style workouts. The goal of this program is to develop strength and skill that is more applicable to competition style events (The Open, local competitions, Qualifiers etc.). This program is specifically designed for athletes to enhance their competitive edge. Individuals must be prepared to put in more volume and intensity.

Additional Information:

  • * This program is intended to supplement the daily Virtus programming
  • * 3 workouts will be released a week on Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB)
  • * Cody Gros and Kevin Pigford will be available once a week in either the Gonzales or Prairieville box to work with athletes
  • * At the start of the program, baseline workouts will be programmed to provide an insight to the athlete’s current level and to provide a measurement for when we retest throughout the year.
  • * Workouts will consist of constantly varied training:
    • – Weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk)
    • – Gymnastics (pull ups, muscle ups, handstands, etc)
    • – Monostructural cardio (row, run, bike, etc)

Example Programming

Example 1

10 min. alt. EMOM: 5 Ring MU, 50 Doubles

Example 2:

4 Rounds for Quality: 15 GHD sit-ups, 50ft. HS walk

Example 3

3 Rounds for Time: 20 TTB, 20 AB Cals, 20 Power Cleans 165/125, Rest 3 min