Cory Leonard


Cory is a Level 1 Trainer. Cory started CrossFit in May of 2018 when his wife finally convinced him to go and he was immediately hooked. After being a runner and soccer player for over 10 years, Cory realized that as fit as he thought he was.  He soon realized that CrossFit was a whole new level of what “being fit” means. Cory is a true believer in the basics of CrossFit, from nutrition all the way up to sport, and is constantly working to improve his knowledge in all aspects of fitness so he can share them with any and everyone who has a desire to learn.

Cory is originally from Pierre Part, LA, but has settled in to Gonzales since moving here in early 2017. He is married to Jenifer (Ducote) Leonard and has two daughters, Symone and Jameson, and one stepson, Brody. Jenifer and Brody also are members at Virtus, and Jameson will be joining the kids class when she is old enough. 

Cory also works as an LSP at Todd Sanford Allstate in Prairieville.


A Message from Cory:

When I first started CrossFit, I was playing soccer 3 times a week, running, and doing basic globo-gym stuff. I had an idea that I was in pretty good shape. Then I attended my first class and I realized there was a whole other level to fitness I was missing out on — levels I could push myself to that I had never imagined. My absolute favorite aspect of CrossFit is the fact that there’s always something to work on, something to get better at, something to refine. As a coach, I take great joy and pride in helping people to reach and smash their goals, whatever they may be.