On Ramp

If you are new to CrossFit or want to check us out, you are welcome to come in and watch one of our training sessions at any time.  If you would like to give it a try, you can join us for a FREE to Guest Session on Saturdays ONLY. No CrossFit experience is necessary. Please make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes before the class starts so you can fill out a waiver and warm up.

To help you get started in your CrossFit journey, we require all new members to complete our On-Ramp Course. This course is required for all new clients who are not experienced with CrossFit training. If you have done CrossFit before, or are transferring from a different affiliate, you may test into classes.  Just call or email us to set up your test-in appointment.

The On-Ramp Course consists of four private training sessions designed to teach new members the fundamental movements and exercises that will be necessary to safely perform most CrossFit workouts. New members are required to attend all four sessions. During this class you will get a chance to learn more about CrossFit and our program. Our On-Ramp Course is open to all ages and fitness levels. This class is conducted by one of our qualified CrossFit coaches. Upon completion of the On-Ramp Course, new members can choose the membership option that best suits their personal goals. Contact Us to set up an appointment.



  • CrossFit Methodology
  • CrossFit Prescription
  • Functional Movement
  • 10 Fitness Domains
  • Weightlifting / Gymnastics / Cardio
  • What is Fitness?
  • Nutrition
  • CrossFit Virtus Programming
  • CrossFit Virtus Class Schedule
  • Workout of the Day Description
  • Warm-Up
  • Perform a Cardio & Gymnastics Focused WOD


  • Warm-Up
  • Shoulder Press
  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk
  • WOD


  • 15 mins: Warm-Up
  • Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Squat
  • WOD


  • Warm-Up
  • Deadlift
  • Sumo-Deadlift High-Pull
  • Clean
  • WOD