Aaron Pendleton


Aaron’s CrossFit journey began in July of 2016 when he finally got too frustrated with unhealthy habits of inconsistent eating and exercise, health issues, and the general feeling of being out of shape.  He decided to blindly sign up for the on-ramp course with the closest CrossFit box to his job. Since the first day he walked into CrossFit Virtus, he was hooked. 

Aaron grew up playing team sports but after college became more disposed to the solitude of running for distance.  But with the rigors that accompany building a life with a growing family, he found a diminishing abundance of time and motivation to keep himself on track.  Stumbling into CrossFit changed his mindset for fitness and outlook on life to one that included more intensity on changing himself and more appreciation for the family community that permeates excitement throughout his fitness journey.

Aaron is husband to Leslie, and dad to Luke, Chase and Sadie, to whom he is extremely devoted, proud of, and loves dearly.  He has a business degree, philosophy degree and a master’s degree in teaching and is a high school math and engineering teacher at East Ascension High School.  He is an avid enthusiast of all things outdoors, more specifically a great conversation with exceptional people around a good campfire.  

And if asked, he would be inclined to say that the meaning of life is the search for that meaning itself.

A Message from Aaron:

The results of physical fitness are the direct opposites of those that follow from unfitness. The fit are healthy and strong, and many as a consequence, save themselves decorously on the battle-field and escape all dangers of war; many help friends and do good to their country and for this they earn gratitude, glory and honor that leads to a better life and provide their children a better means of achieving a livelihood.  -This was written almost 2,400 years ago, and I truly believe every bit of it holds true today; metaphorically and literally. 

We all want to be better versions of ourselves, whether just for ourselves or in addition to the benefit of others.  And few things excite me more than the chance to play some part in the process of helping others achieve their “better.”  Sometimes we all need help deciding what goals will help us get better, sometimes we need help with working toward those goals.  Sometimes we need help achieving those goals, and sometimes we need help improving them.  The undeniable truth about CrossFit is that here, we can all become our best selves.  And those best selves are infinitely more rewarding when fought for alongside a community of friends that feel like family who are fighting for the same thing.