$30 per month


The CFV Engine program is designed to build your aerobic capacity (engine) by performing longer, less intense, sustainable workouts. By building a stronger aerobic system, athletes will receive the following benefits:

    • * Increase performance in longer workouts
    • * Improved body composition
    • * Improved recovery between sets and workouts
    • * Increased lactate threshold
    • * Better understanding of pacing
    • * Improved cardiovascular health and function

If you experience any of the following during a longer, CrossFit workout, then this program is for you:

    • * Gasping for air and having a hard time breathing (running out of gas during a workout)
    • * Long breaks between reps/sets
    • * Pace slows down significantly after the 6-10-minute mark in a longer workout

    Additional Information:

    • * This program is intended to supplement the daily Virtus programming
    • * 3 workouts will be released a week on Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB)
    • * Cody Gros will be available once a week in either the Gonzales or Prairieville box to work with athletes
    • * At the start of the program, baseline workouts will be programmed to provide an insight to the athlete‚Äôs current level and to provide a measurement for when we retest throughout the year.
    • * Workouts will consist of monostructural training:
      • – Rowing
      • – Bike
      • – Ski Erg
      • – Running

    Example Programming

    Example 1

    5 rounds:
    400 meters at moderate pace
    100 meters at easy pace
    200 meters at fast or 2K pace
    100 meters at easy pace
    100 meters sprint
    Rest 2:00

    Fast Pace = 2k Split Pace
    Moderate Pace = 2k Split Pace + 8-10 seconds
    Easy Pace = recovery pace/conversational
    Sprint Pace = all out, max effort

    Example 2
    15 Rounds:
    Assault Bike: 30 Seconds
    Rest 30 Seconds

    Example 3
    2 rounds:
    600-meter run at 1 Mile Pace + 8 seconds
    100-meter recovery jog
    400-meter run at 1 Mile Pace + 4 seconds
    100-meter recovery jog
    200-meter run at 1-mile pace
    100-meter recovery jog