$30 per month


The Strength program is designed to increase strength and muscle mass through a combination of powerlifting and accessory exercises as well as “Functional Bodybuilding” type workouts (EMOM, AMRAP, etc.). The goal of this program is to develop a core base of strength that will support more dynamic weightlifting exercises more safely. By developing muscle mass and strength, athletes will receive the following benefits:

    • * Maintain muscle tissue
    • * Increased strength
    • * Improved bone health
    • * Controlled body fat
    • * Decreased risk of injury

Additional Information:

    • * This program is intended to supplement the daily Virtus programming
    • * 3 workouts will be released a week on Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB)
    • * Kevin Pigford will be available once a week in Prairieville box to work with athletes
    • * Workouts will consist of powerlifting and accessory movements:
      • – Squat
      • – Press
      • – Deadlift
      • – GHD
      • – Dumbbell
      • – Strict gymnastic work

Example Programming

Example 1

6×6 Bench Press super-set with 8-10 Bent-Over Rows

Example 2
50 Strict Pull-ups with 10 GHD sit-ups every time you break.

Example 3
12 min. alt. EMOM:  8 Bulgarian Split Squats (per leg), 8 RDL