Additional Programming

Additional Programming

CrossFit Virtus is happy to announce the launch of three supplemental programming tracks.  These tracks are intended to be in addition to the current class programming.  The programming will be done through the Beyond The Whiteboard website and app.  Below is a brief description of each track.  

The cost is $30 per month per track.  Registration and Cancellations must be done through the following links-

Register Here

Cancel Here

Coaches Cody and Bernard will be doing the programming, available to answer any questions and will also be available for coaching sessions.
Competitor:  This program will be specifically designed for members who like to compete in local competitions and the CrossFit Open each year.  More of everything.
Engine:  This program is designed to increase individual aerobic capacity.  There will be more cardio-endurance focused.  More Run, Row, Bike, Ski Erg, etc.
Strength:  This program is designed for individuals wishing to increase a base of strength and hypertrophy.  There will be more powerlifting and weightlifting exercises.