Cody Gros


Cody started CrossFit in 2014 when he wanted to get back into shape. He quickly fell in love with every aspect of CrossFit. In 2016, he received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate and the following year received his CrossFit Gymnastics certificate, Aerobic Capacity certificate and CrossFit Level 1 Weightlifting certificate. Cody also loves competing in local competitions to test his fitness and interact with the CrossFit community.

Cody is the husband of Erin Gros and has three kids, Dylan, Cullen, and Charli. He is a technology consultant at Rogue Services and Solutions in Baton Rouge, LA.

A message from Cody:

For anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and become more fit, CrossFit hands down is your best bet. Everyone from the coaches to the members are here to support you in your fitness journey. Everyone here is part of a large team that has one common goal, being a better version of yourself each day. The amount of fitness and diet knowledge that I have learned during my time here is truly amazing. When I started at Virtus, I thought I knew a little about eating healthy and fitness but within the first six months, my mind was blown by how much I did not know and the knowledge I had obtained from the coaches here.  It does not matter your current level of fitness, if you are looking to get healthier and more fit, this is the place to be.