TEAM WOD!  In teams of two complete the following :  “Alligator Wrestling”

3 rounds for max reps/calories:

Event 1:

Row 250m

Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Event 2:

75 pound Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

75 pound Push Press

Note:  Athletes will rotate between couplet exercises upon completion of 250m row (trigger to rotate).  Athletes will rest 2 mins between each 3 round event.


  1. cpiazza says:

    My good friend, Chris Dogay, taking CrossFit to a higher level.

  2. Wow, that Chris is awesome!

  3. Cecil that workout was awesome this morning. My arms feel so much better now. After what “Helen” did to them on Monday…I didn’t think I was ever going to recover! Looking forward to the next WOD!

    • cpiazza says:

      I’m really glad that you guys liked it. It is always fun to do a team WOD. Each workout is designed to help you forget about the last. However, I don’t know if that is a good thing :-)

  4. Charles Hair says:

    Congratulations on getting CrossFit Virtus up and running!

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