Rest Day
Goat Day

What’s your GOAT?

The “Goat” concept is simple. A “Goat” is an exercise or movement you suck at, hate, or both. This can include anything from running, thrusters, handstands, or stretching your hamstrings. The point is, we should work harder at the things we suck at instead of always trying to improve what we’re already good at. Spending some time during your warm-up or cool-down to improve some of your “goats” will make a HUGE difference in how fast you progress! However, Thursday is the day to specifically work on your “Goat”. How do I do that? Simple. Know what you want to improve on before you come to the box. Select two or three exercises, at most. Try to keep them gymnastic specific. You can easily add a weightlifting element to break up the workout a bit, but keep the load at a light to moderate intensity. An example would be, 50% of your deadlift if you wanted to put deadlifts in your WOD. NOW, using your two to three exercises, put them in a 21-15-9 format or a 15 minute AMRAP with 5-10-15 reps, or something that is manageable. Please ask me and I will help you do this so that it makes sense.

Lastly, spend some time doing some mobility rehab. Spend time on the foam roller, lacrosse balls or use the bands for some more creative stretching. Again, Mobility WOD and Gymnastic WOD has tons of useful resources.