Well, I hope everyone is safe and sound as Isaac passes through.

The box will resume operating hours Thursday afternoon (NO morning classes). I will go there in the morning to assess if lights are on and everything is okay. If no electricity, I will postpone morning classes until the lights are on.

What I need from you…CrossFit Total

I have a CF Total programmed for tomorrow and Saturday. I will post CF Total for tomorrow, a non-strength WOD for Friday, and the same for Saturday. Over the next three days, I need you to complete a CF Total. The following six week cycle is a percentage based program focusing on Squat and Deadlift. The six weeks following that will be strength and power focused (oly-lifts). There will be plenty of press work, METCON and endurance workouts in there. I calculated that we are 26-28 weeks out from the “Season”. The following 12 weeks will allow us to build strength and power, then taper towards a peaking cycle in the late winter. I know that is a lot of info for you to digest, and I havent covered a fraction of it–typing with one arm is getting old!!!

Anyhoo, get your numbers so that I have LESS deer-in-the-headlight looks when I ask what your squat or deadlift max is…

What I may do is post the following six weeks…but I hate when folks cherry pick WODs. more to follow

CrossFit Total

For Load:

Back Squat, 1 RM

Shoulder Press, 1 RM

Deadlift, 1 RM

Must be completed within one hour.

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