8-week Nutrition Challenge Summary.

The nutrition challenge wrapped up Sunday, September 8. I want to thank all of the participants for asking the questions, doing the research, and logging your food for 56 long days. I know we lost people along the way. Still, I hope all of you learned something here that you can apply to your eating habits long-term. The big take-away really is about eating to perform, or eat more, do more. It’s not about restricting calories and/or carbs to lose weight. CrossFitters need carbs to kill WODs. Also I hope you learned that the number on the scale does not reflect your fitness level…which brings me to the big announcement….

THE WINNER! It will come as no surprise that Therese Johnson is the winner. She finished with 102 points out of 104 possible. She only missed 2 possible WOD days in 8 weeks and every journal entry was balanced and turned in timely without my asking. In addition, she shaved off almost 8 percent body fat and shaved 3 and a half minutes off her Foundations WOD time. That is impressive. I am sure those of you who have worked out with Therese at the gym have seen her focus and determination as she pushes through the workouts. She has the attitude and willpower necessary to accomplish any goal. We are very proud of her and look forward to seeing her work her way up the whiteboard.

Out of 33 participants, 13 remained persistent and their hard work definitely paid off. Of the people I measured on my team — Alicia, Spunky, Kristen and Therese — they all had significant body fat loss. Natalie and Michelle were solid in their diary entries, and I think Charlie was most improved, as far as balance and eating enough.

Thanks to Matt, Hayley, Jodi, Nick and Kurt for helping to make this challenge a success.

As we move forward, continue to balance your meals, even if you allow “less healthy” things in once in a while. I hope you all learned something! It’s been a pleasure talking food with you all.

~Sara Piazza


As Many Reps As Possible in 20 mins of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

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