Monday, 3.20.17

5 p.m. on a Friday

One bar, five movements – strength necessary! Strength in isolation can be defined as how hard your muscles can contract to apply force. However, this definition doesn’t say much about strength’s application to real-world tasks. True strength can be measured by our muscle’s ability to apply force in a productive manner. Biceps curls and triceps pushdowns are “sexy” movements in mainstream fitness, but provide little to no benefit in everyday life. What these movements lack that functional movements like push jerks and hang cleans do not is the neuromuscular piece. The barbell movements in today’s workout require a great deal of coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance – in other words, technique. Movements that challenge us to develop these physical skills allow us to excel outside the gym, whether we have to lift 50lb bags of mulch or fill 3oo sandbags.

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