The Box

CrossFit Virtus is not a typical health club.  We do not have comfy lounge chairs in the locker room (we don’t even have a locker room).  There are no TVs to watch while jogging on a treadmill or eliptical (there aren’t any of those, either).  There are no mirrors to watch yourself do bicep curls and side lateral raises (we don’t waste our time with those isolated movements).  There is no juice bar (juice is bad – for the most part).  Instead, we have open floor space to move our bodies the way they were made to move.  We have kettlebells, medicine balls, box jumps, dumbbells, barbells, bumper plates, pull-up bars, rings, rowers, Abmats, climbing ropes, jump ropes, paralettes.Your time is valuable to us, so we don’t waste it with all of the fluff you find at most gyms.  Our classes last no more than one hour, and we guarantee you’ll leave feeling like you spent your time and money wisely.  Our rates are comparable to most boot camp fitness classes (CrossFit is not a boot camp fitness program, but it’s the easiest/quickest way to describe our workouts) anywhere in the area.  And if you commit to 6 or 12 months, our prices are the lowest around.  Commit to us, and we will commit ourselves to helping you reach new fitness levels you never thought were possible.

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