Tuesday, 5.23.17

CrossFit Virtus FitCamp returns June 5th.

Contact Coach Hayley for times and registration details, Hayley@crossfitvirtus.com

Lurong Total

  • 2 Minutes of Deadlifts
  • 1-Minute Rest
  • 2 Minutes of Back Squats
  • 1-Minute Rest
  • 2 Minutes of Shoulder to Overhead

The workout is an 8-minute AMRAP. Athletes will perform 2 minutes of Deadlifts, followed by a 1-minute rest. Then 2 minutes of Back Squats before another 1-minute rest period. The athlete ends the workout with 2 minutes of Shoulder to Overhead. The athlete’s score is the total number of REPs completed during the 6 minutes of work time. Athletes may only use one bar and must change their own weights during the rest times. See details for each level and division

Athletes may not change or modify any of the movements, weights, or standards beyond what is listed in these standards.

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