Hang Power Snatch – 60% x 1 x 5
Hang Power Clean & Power Jerk – 60% x 1 x 5
Box Jump – 3 x 3

Test 4: Deadlift 1 RM followed by a max set of Handstand Push-ups

Ramp up to a one-rep max and within 30 seconds of completing the deadlift begin the
handstand push-ups. The handstand push-ups must bring the ears below the hands so they
needs to be done on parallel bars, parallettes, or some other raised platform like chairs or
books. Using the wall for balance is O.K.

There are two options for modification of this test. The first is to provide manual assistance
to the handstand push-ups. Typically, this is done by lifting the athlete by the calves or
ankles. Alternately, where even the handstand is a challenge, the substitute exercise is a
shoulder press.

This duo represents a reasonable estimate of an athlete’s total strength Рrelative and
absolute, upper and lower body.

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