TEST 5: Complete for time.

Run 800 meters
21 Thrusters, 75/55
21 “L” pull ups

The thruster must originate from a full squat each rep. The “L” pull-ups are pull-ups with the legs extended straight out in front of the athlete. Any pull-up where the heels fall below the butt or the legs bend other than slightly is disallowed. The thruster and “L” pull-ups need not be performed consecutively, i.e. without breaking. Any grip is O.K. for the pull-up, but the range of motion must be complete.

The entire effort is timed from the start of the run to the last pull-up. A time is returned in minutes and seconds.

Where necessary, the load for the thrusters may be reduced and the “L” pull-ups can be assisted by gently lifting the heels or allowing a “sloppy L.” For those not able to perform a pull-up, an assisted pull-up device may be used.

This test is classic CrossFit. The combination of a monostructural metabolic exercise (running) combined with a high demand weightlifting movement (Thruster: front squat/push press), and a super demanding bodyweight movement (“L” pull-up), all for time, is distinctly CrossFit and is directly indicative of an athlete’s total capacity.

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