15 mins, Power Snatch


100 Overhead Squats, 95/65

Every minute on the minute perform 5 burpees. For the remainder of the minute, the athlete will perform overhead squats until the 100 reps are completed.

What a fun-filled CrossFit weekend! Saturday’s event with CF 225 was a complete success. Approximately 40 athletes between CF Virtus and CF 225 came together and put on a hell of a performance. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Catherine and her wonderful team at CF 225.

Sunday’s “Paleo Party” at Janet’s was quite the milestone for Virtus. Thanks Janet for your incredible hospitality and to everyone that brought a side-dish. The objective was to get Jeremy there so that we could air our first official media production…”Jeremy’s Story”.

Thanks everyone for taking time out of your busy weekends to be part of the CF Virtus team-building events. We are looking forward to many more.

Sincerely, Cecil and Sara

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