CrossFit Virtus is proud to announce the newest additions to an already outstanding training staff. Jodi Sheets and Hayley Smith both completed their CrossFit Level 1 certification course last weekend in Houston, TX, at CrossFit EADO, and received the results of the exam portion this weekend and passed. Once their 40 hour internship is completed, they will assume a more permanent training role at the box. Please extend a warm congratulations to these ladies.


Snatch – heavy singe; 85% of HS – 3 x 1
Clean & Jerk – heavy single; 85% of HS – 3 x 1
Front Squat – HS; 90% of HS – 2 x 1


5 mins to perform as many UNBROKEN double unders as possible
Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance; 7 x 1; increase weight as appropriate


AMRAP in 10 mins
10 Overhead squat, 75/45
10 Burpees

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