For Time:

Run 400m

100 Double-unders

Run 400m

75 Double-unders

Run 400m

50 Double-unders

Side Note

Great work to everyone that took advantage of yesterday’s Rest/Mobility/Goat Day. This is an opportunity to focus on what you as an individual would want to improve on, or pay a little more attention to a particular problematic area. I highly suggest that you visit www.mobilitywod.com or www.gymnasticwod.com for tips and ideas on how to improve you gymnastic capability or perform some self-maintenance.

I received some great feedback from Nick, Spunky and Jodi today regarding this change in the programming. Nick expressed that he was skeptical at first by actually stating that he thought it was bullshit. However, after spending about 45 minutes doing some mobility work on troubled joints and tight muscle areas, he said that it was just what he needed and was ready to hit the next WOD at 100%. Jodi was pretty beat up after yesterday’s HERO WOD and after a couple weeks from being away from Virtus. The 30+ minutes we spent going over IT band tightness, lower-back soreness and shoulder work really helped to get her back on track with less soreness. Spunky and I had a great conversation on how to make the most out of these Thursday recovery days. My suggestion is to, 1) perform the warm-up in order to promote blood flow through the tissue, 2) perform 15 to 20 minutes of mobility work (foam roller/stretching) on areas that are pretty beat up from the past three days or week, and 3) target a particular weakness (exercise) to practice for 15 to 20 minutes.

If you follow this basic protocol every Thursday, you will see yourself continue to make progress without having any physical set-backs. Recovery and self-maintenance are critical to overall function and fitness. My intent is to allow you to continuously make improvements. Because CrossFit is broad and general by design, I cannot hone in on any one weakness per athlete. This is your chance to do that. Again, if you ever have any questions or need coaching in any area, that is why I am there.

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