Rest Day – Pay attention to your body. If you are doing 5-6 WODs per week, REST. If not, come to the box and work on some mobility, foam roller, stretching to stay in the game.

Make-up Day – If you are a 3-4 WOD per week CFer, this is a great opportunity to hit a WOD you missed earlier in the week or from previous post. Also a great time to gain a Leader Board spot!

Goat Day – This is your opportunity to hit those weak gymnastic areas (muscle-up, handstand) or want to improve on a lifting technique. Again, use these weaknesses and create a short/intense WOD.

Courtesy of Mobility WOD: Here is another quick, training-movement based differential diagnostic test for the overhead squat. We get a ton of athletes in that have enough overhead shoulder range, but have terrible capacity to keep their torso upright at the bottom of the squat. Here is a quick way to figure out if it is really your shoulders that are holding you back. Chances are you need more of everything, but don’t forget to work downstream as you solve movement problems. You are a system of systems. As it turns out, they all have to work.

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