Burgener Warm-Up

Warm-Up – 5 Movements

Down & Up – Speed in the middle
Elbows High & Outside – Keep the bar close to the body
Muscle Snatch – Strength in shoulder rotation
Drop & Land – Change in foot posn / Foot speed
Snatch & Drop – Receiving the bar in bottom posn

99% of all missed lifts are attributed to foot work!

Snatch Transfer Exercises

Snatch Push Press – Feet in jump posn
Overhead Squat – Feet in land posn
Press Under – Feet in Land posn
Heaving Snatch Balance – Feet in land posn
Snatch Balance – Feet change from jump to land posn


20 mins Power Snatch Practice

Use this time to work on Power Snatch technique. If you are proficient in the movement and wish to work into a moderate load, feel free. However, this is not for Max Effort loading. No less than 5 reps per round. Otherwise, I will use the first 20 mins of class to identify where athletes need work and work on progressions (set-up, pulls, transitions, etc.) to correct any deficiencies. I also suggest you master the Burgener Warm-up prior to ANY Oly work.



Complete for time

21-15-9 reps of:

Power Snatch, 95/65

Chest-to-bar pull ups

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