Monday, 5.15.17


The Lurong Summertime Challenge starts today. You can now submit your weight and measurements and have all week to do so. You can have your spouse/friend measure you, or ask a coach to meet you about 15 minutes before class and they can measure you at the gym.The benchmark WOD has been released and will be programmed Tuesday. Make-ups will be Saturday morning by appointment with a coach to ensure you have a judge.

Please let us know if you have questions or need help along the way. We are looking forward to seeing your healthy transformations!


Today we begin an 8-week squat cycle.  For the purpose of this cycle, we are looking to start with your estimated 1RM Back Squat from last Monday. What you feel is currently your max lift. If you do not have a 1 RM, it’s OK to approximate here and be within 10-20 pounds. This is only a starting point where we will build from.  

Today, the weights will be light. I want them to be. This is the start of a longer trek, so let’s build our foundation the right way. Focus on moving very well today on each and every rep, and focus on your concentric speed (standing up with aggression). Controlled on the way down, and aggressive on the way up.

We will focus our efforts on strength each Monday and repetition on Fridays.

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