Tuesday, 5.16.17

Virtus FitCamp

The workout starts with the athlete standing next to a preloaded barbell. At 3,2,1 Go the athlete begins by performing 10 Power Snatches. After completing the 10th Power Snatch, the athlete moves on to 10 Box Jumps. After completing the Box Jumps the athlete returns to the bar for 10 Power Snatches. The patter continues until the clock hits the 5:00 mark. The athlete MUST rest for 2 minutes until the clock hits 7:00. The athlete will then perform another 5 minute AMRAP starting with 10 Overhead Squats followed by 10 Box Jumps. The workout is over when the clock hits 12:00. Add the scores from each 5 minute AMRAP for the total score.

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