Power Snatch – 60% x 1 x 4, 70% x 1 x 3
Power Clean & Power Jerk – 60% x 1 x 4, 70% x 1 x 3
Squat jump – 3 x 3

TEST 2. Clean & Jerk 15 reps

There is no time limit, but the weight cannot be rested on the ground. Resting at the hang,
rack, or overhead is O.K. At the ground, the athlete must touch and go. Technique is
otherwise not critical.

The score is exactly the load lifted.

This classic movement is traditionally an excellent test of overall strength, but when
performed at 15 reps becomes an extraordinary metabolic challenge as evidenced by max
heart and respiratory rate.


Clean & Jerk

15 reps

12 reps

9 reps

Rest as needed between rounds. These are touch and go reps. No resting the bar on the ground during rep scheme.

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