Crazy Awesome  “Grace” times yesterday!  All top 5 males are well below 3 mins and all top 5 females are below 6 mins.  Very proud moment for me.  Today, for those competing in the Deep South Shootout, I want to focus on your Snatch and how to move through the WODs for the competition.  I know many of you are thinking…how should I rest or what should I do over the next couple of days.  This isn’t a marathon or Iron Man you are running.  Treat it as another CrossFit day.  just don’t do any high volume workouts.

For everyone else…”Ignoring your weaknesses is a recipe for incapacity and error” . – Greg Glassman

Rest Day – Pay attention to your body. If you are doing 5-6 WODs per week, REST. If not, come to the box and work on some mobility, foam roller, stretching to stay in the game.

Make-up Day – If you are a 3-4 WOD per week CFer, this is a great opportunity to hit a WOD you missed earlier in the week or from previous post. This is also a great time to gain a leaderboard spot!

Goat Day – This is your opportunity to hit those weak gymnastic areas (muscle-up, handstand, pistol) or want to improve on a lifting technique. Again, use these weaknesses and create a short/intense WOD-not time based.

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