Festivus Games Prep. WOD 3: 5 & 15

AMRAP 5 Minutes

5 Push Press (115/75/75/45)(Int Male/Int Female/Novice Male/Novice Female)
15 Box Jumps (20″)

Rest 1 Minute

Max Double Unders in 1 minute (Int Male/Int Female)
Max Single Unders in 1 minute (Nov Male/Nov Female)

No substitutions.

There are 2 scores for this WOD

Score 1 = Reps in the 5 Minute AMRAP
Score 2 = Reps of Double Unders (Intermediate ) or Single Unders (Novice)
WOD 3 standards info:

The WOD starts with the weight on the ground.
Athletes may step up onto the box without jumping.
Hips must be open with both feet on the box for a good rep.

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