Thursday, 10.5.17

Rachael Farrar

The Lateral Box Jump Over is an uncommonly practiced movement.  Please see the below description.  This wording is relative to the Lurong Challenge Participants, but the standards are the same for Rx and Scaled.  Level 3 is comparable to Rx and Levels 1 and 2 are Scaled.

Lateral Box Jump Over:  In the lateral box jump over the athlete jumps laterally from two feet and land on the box with both feet before jumping or stepping off the opposite side. The athlete will complete the next rep by jumping laterally back onto and over the box in the direction they just jumped from. In order for the rep to count the Level 3 athlete must jump from 2 feet and land on top of the box with both feet. The athlete does not have to reach full hip extension on top of the box before coming off the box. Stepping down off the box is allowed for all skill levels, and step ups are allowed for Level 2 and Level 1.

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