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Wednesday, 6.5.19

Bailey Braud

Tuesday, 6.4.19

Erin Zeringue

Monday, 6.3.19

Murph 2019

Saturday, 6.1.19

Lunges and Bear Crawls and Step Ups, Oh My!

Friday, 5.31.19

Claudia Campbell

Thursday, 5.30.19

Matt Geraci

Wednesday, 5.29.19

Crossfit Kids

Tuesday, 5.28.19

Coach Cecil, Coach Sara, Cici and Sophia

Monday, 5.27.19

Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Day “Murph” Schedule:   This Monday we will host our Memorial Day workout, “Murph” at the Gonzales location.  Class times will be hourly beginning at 5 a.m. with the last class being at 9 a.m.  …
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Saturday, 5.25.19

Coach Mitch