WOW! What an amazing accomplishment this weekend. I am beside myself with the amount of help, support and passion by everyone who gave up some of their free time this past weekend. I will never be able to thank each of you enough. As many of you know, we have moved just down the street, 2123 S. Philippe – same parking lot as the Life Cathedral Church parking lot. This move will enable us to continue to grow as a CrossFit Community and share our love for fitness with our youth. CrossFit Virtus Kids program begins this week and we are very excited to add this to our program. We appreciate your patience during this transition. I just want to take a minute to recognize a couple people that helped out this weekend:

Jeffrey Vicknair
Jeanne Vicknair
Julie Smith
Bernard Waguespack
Matt Hicks
Wale Adebiyi
Kurt Soileau
Jodi Sheets
Penny Sharenbourg
Jacob Sevin
Jessica Sevin
Holly Huff
Randi Wimberly
Carl Tyson
Burt Barrere
Mike Brown
John Winslow
Marcus Stewart
Jared LeBouef
Will Saint
Josh Reich
Dawn Emery
Eric Loewen
Dustin Ellingburg
Steve Corriel
Jason Lindley
Nick Sanchez
Brienne Gaudin
Most Importantly…
My Dad, Ronald
My Mom, Florence
My Sister, Farrah
And my incredible wife, Sara

Warm-up series – 2 snatch long pull + 2 snatch push press + 2 overhead squats – 3 sets
Power snatch + OHS (2 sec pause in bottom of OHS and snatch) + snatch x 5 sets
Push press + jerk behind neck + jerk (5 sec hold in split) x 5 sets
This is the final back-off week of the cycle. Reduce weights on the snatch/OHS complex, jerk complex and dip squats by 10%.

5 rounds for load:
1 Power Clean + 2 Front Squats

Power Clean, 155/95

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