TEST 3:  Tabata Squat followed by 4 mins of Muscle Ups

Performance: After the eighth Tabata Squat interval the athlete gets ten more seconds of rest and then has 4 minutes to complete as many muscle-ups as possible. The muscle-ups need not be consecutive, i.e., without rest. All squats must be from below parallel to full extension of the hip and leg.

Scoring: The test score is the Tabata Squat score (weakest number of squats in each of eight intervals of twenty seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest) multiplied by the number of muscle-ups completed within four minutes. Total time for test: 8 minutes.

Modifications: With regard to the muscle-up, there are two possibilities for adaptation. One is to assist manually – someone pushing the athlete up. The other is to replace the muscle-up with four minutes of pull-ups and dips.

Character: The Tabata Squat is a CrossFit classic testing both athletic hip function as well as aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The muscle-up is arguably the single best upper body exercise. This combination alone is suggestive of an athlete’s total fitness.

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